The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Police Administration of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Police Administration operates within the FBiH Ministry of Interior dealing with operational tasks deriving from its scope of responsibilities.

Functions and Competencies

The FBiH Police Administration carries out tasks deriving from its scope of responsibility. Special emphasize has been put on the following:

Taking direct measures in preventing and detecting criminal acts of terrorism, inter-cantonal crime, narcotics trafficking , organized crime and other criminal acts pertaining to the jurisdiction of FBiH, as well as the apprehension of perpetrators;

Providing criminological-technical expert opinions as requested by other competent authorities;

Organizing and providing direct security services to eligible persons and premises belonging to the FBiH;

Issuing, publishing and keeping records of INTERPOL international, FBiH and inter-cantonal pursuits;

Cooperating with relevant prosecutor’s offices related to processing the criminal cases.

Structure and Organization

FBiH Police Administration is composed of the following organizational units:

  • Office of the Director of  FBiH Police Administration
  • Criminal Police Investigation Service of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Support Division
  • Field Office Sarajevo
  • Field Office Mostar
  • Field Office Tuzla
  • Uniformed Police Division
  • Special Police Unit
  • Professional Standards Unit
  • Center for Forensics Testing, Expertise and Research
  • Administrative Affairs Division
  • Material and Financial Affairs Division
  • Internal Audit Unit


FBiH Police Administration currently employs 690 staff members. Out of that number there are 491 police officers, 57 civil servants, 142 employees.

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