The General Directorate of National Police of Bulgaria

…is a national specialized structure to carry out the following activities:

  1. Operational and investigative;
  2. Protection;
  3. Investigation of crimes;
  4. Information;
  5. Control;
  6. Prevention;
  7. Administrative – penal and the provision of administrative services.


With the restoration of statehood in Bulgaria in 1878, structures were formed for administrative management, for the protection of national security, and police bodies were built to combat crime, protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, and protect public order.

On July 5, 1879, with Decree No. 1, Prince Alexander Battenberg formed the first Bulgarian government. In its composition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the sphere of activity – internal affairs and administration, public health, management of posts and telegraphs – was created. Now the main police functions are carried out by the administrative-police department and related organizational structures.

After the end of the First World War, the police system in Bulgaria was reorganized. In 1925, the Administration and Police Act was passed and a streamlined police organization was introduced with a central Directorate of Police. The principles of centralization, specialization, professionalism and job stability are applied in police activity. Dr. Josef Schober, director of the police in Vienna and head of Interpol, helped in building the modern Bulgarian police. According to the Austrian model, the structure for fighting crime is called the "Criminal Police" department with two departments: "Police Investigation" and "Identification", and the authorities are named Criminal Police. This is the time highlighted by the world as «memoryless construction», criminal police cadres are created, scientific methods of criminal investigation unknown until then are applied, and a systematic and organized activity for the prevention and detection of criminal crimes is switched to.

With the Ordinance-law on the State Police from 1937, the organizational and technological construction of the Bulgarian police as a centralized institution was completed. The law specifies the tasks performed by the police: – Prevention of criminal acts; – Protection of life, freedom, honor and property of citizens; – Maintaining public peace; – Facilitation, installation and provision of movement; – Preservation of public morality, good manners and customs; – Preservation of public property.

In the period 1944-1991, the criminal militia played a major role in the fight against crime. The "Criminal" Department at the People’s Militia Directorate organizes and directs the prevention and detection of murders, robberies, arsons, thefts, forgeries and frauds; fights crimes against morals, property and personality. The bodies for combating anti-social behavior of juvenile and minor offenders and the Transport Police are structured under the Department.

After the change of the early 90s of the 20th century, the police was reorganized. Initially, the General Directorate of Criminal Police was created, which was then reorganized. General Directorate "National Police" appears. It includes 5 main departments – Criminal Police, Economic Police, Security Police, Traffic Police and Investigation.

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