Police Directorate of Montenegro

The Police Directorate, an institution as a part of the Ministry of Interior, headed by the Director, carries out actions and tasks related to the protection of citizens' safety and the freedoms and rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

In order for the Police Directorate to function and carry out tasks under its jurisdiction in accordance with legal regulations and strategic documents, the implementation of which is the responsibility of the Police Directorate, an organization was established through the following sectors, departments and security centres which enable the police to respond to all tasks within the scope of tasks and areas of work:

1. Sector for combating crime
2. Special purpose police sector
3. Border police sector
4. General police jurisdiction sector
5. Sector for the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing
6. Forensic Centre
7. Department for Coordination of Police and Related Affairs
8. Department for support to police organizational units, improvement of police work and analytics
9. Regional security center "North"
10. Regional security center "Center"
11. Regional security center "West"
12. Regional security center "South".

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