General Police Directorate

General Police Directorate is an organizational unit of the Ministry of Interior with jurisdiction over performing police and other internal affairs. General Police Directorate is governed by Police Director.

Management and responsibility in the General Police Directorate is based on the principle of single parentage and subordination.

The strategic goal of the General Police Directorate is the creation of a contemporary, efficient, functional and highly professional police, which will enjoy huge confidence of the citizens. Transformation into a modern, democratic and responsible police that will confront all security challenges in an efficient way implies monitoring the development of police profession, scientific analysis of the existing work models and the implementation of new models, such as police intelligence model, concept of community policing and problem oriented work of the police that will enable for more efficient protection of rights and freedom of all citizens, guaranteeing their safety in compliance with the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Serbia and international law.

Strategic priorities of the General Police Directorate:

  1. Prevention and suppression of organized crime;
  2. Prevention and suppression of corruption;
  3. Prevention and suppression of terrorism and violent extremism leading to terrorism;
  4. Prevention and suppression of criminal offences committed in public space (’’street crime’’);
  5. Prevention and suppression of jeopardizing safety of participants in traffic by increasing the number of devices for automatic detection of misdemeanour offences and by the improvement of the work on processing detected misdemeanour offences;
  6. Prevention and suppression of domestic violence;
  7. Prevention and suppression of violence in sports manifestations and schools;
  8. Prevention and suppression of irregular migrations.
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